What we offer

Adaptation of existing residential accommodation

A specialist area of our core business focuses on the adaptation of residential accommodation to suit the requirements of Vulnerable Persons. Our approved builders understand the variety of challenges those with disabilities can have and will tailor an approach to each build situation so as to maximise the benefit for you.

Professional advice - VAT reliefs for disabled and other people.

We can provide professional advice and our expertise with regard to the application of VAT Notice 701/17.

Design and construction of new build or refurbishment.

Our specialists will give you an assessment of your existing property and will take into consideration your specific circumstances and the facilities required. The scope of work involved can range from minor alterations to the design, adaptation and provisions of a completely new living environment, whether new build or refurbishment.

A prompt, caring and sensitive response from trained specialists.

Ever mindful that in such instances we are dealing with people who are no longer able to manage their own affairs and welfare, it is of paramount importance to respond to our clients immediately and communicate openly and regularly with them, their families and carers.

We can’t stress enough how happy we are with the standard of finish and the professionalism of all at Bryburn, we would recommend them time and time again.
Our son is so happy with his new house and he would like to thank everybody at Bryburn for a fantastic job.A client of Coffin Mew Solicitors

Case study

Bryburn were approached  to submit a competitive tender for the extension and refurbishment of an existing property in Horndean, Hampshire. The works comprised significant adaptation and extension works to an existing bungalow and to create a suitable residential space that would accommodate the special needs of a severely handicapped client – a specialist consultant team had been commissioned to develop a design that met the client’s needs, whilst working within budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, all tenders received were significantly in excess of the available budget, however, Bryburn refused to admit defeat and let the project fade away.

We entered into dialogue with the client, parents and other representative parties, and explored value engineering options designed to reduce the capital cost, whilst still maintaining the all important quality and functionality of the property. Savings in excess of 17% were achieved by this exercise, bringing the project back to within affordable levels as a result. In parallel with this, professional advice was given with regards to VAT relief applicable under VAT Notice 701/7, resulting in further cost savings against budget. Due to our efforts, the project was able to proceed, and a quality product was delivered, ahead of programme, within budget and exceeded our client’s expectations in all respects.

Why Bryburn

We design and build safe and functional properties for vulnerable individuals designed to enhance their living environment and to improve their quality of life.

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