The work doesn’t stop when the build is complete

Construction is an industry filled with potential missteps and pitfalls. It’s important to be diligent and adhere to vital health and safety and best practise requirements, but attention to detail and due-diligence shouldn’t stop when the build is complete. Providing an aftercare service helps make sure that clients and tenants can continue to enjoy their new space even after the job is done, without having to worry about potential issues. Providing aftercare to a project or development should also be a sense of pride for any construction company worth its salt.

At Bryburn we strive to make sure that we provide the best aftercare possible on our projects. As a business that also works to develop and adapt properties for people with severe disabilities it is even more important that we are on hand to maintain and redevelop our builds when required.

As an example, we were recently appointed to design and construct a disability ramp, complete with safety handrailing, for a wheelchair user to replace an uneven, dangerous and impractical set of steps that were making life extremely difficult for our client.

By working sympathetically with them we were able to come up with a solution that was not only economic, but genuinely enhanced the lifestyle and living environment for the end user.

Below are just a few of the aftercare services and assets that it’s vital to supply to a client post-build.

Multi-Trade skilled operatives

Each build is different, and even post-build a variety of different issues can crop up, from electrical faults to unexpected environmental issues. So, it’s important to have multiple staff and contractors on hand with a wide range of skillsets. You cannot guarantee true aftercare if you do not have a quick, varied and responsive workforce.

At Bryburn we provide a dedicated team of professional multi-trade skilled, fully DBS checked operatives. They’re able to respond to any ongoing maintenance requirements and can efficiently carry out repairs to properties in a quick and timely manner, by working on a variety of issues from lighting/electrical to painting and general upkeep of any build type.

A planned and reactive maintenance service

Sometimes the maintenance required by a client just cannot wait. It could be a dangerous electrical fault or a structural issue that would make the property dangerous to be in. In these circumstances it is vital to provide clients and tenants with a fast and responsive service. Failing to get someone out to fix a fault as soon as possible can in some cases run the risk of the customer being homeless, not to mention hazardous for a business’s reputation.

We offer a range of maintenance services, from a programme of planned and preventative works, to a prompt responsive call out service. We have a dedicated helpdesk that understands and manages any needs that clients may have, and our staff can talk them through the process, give advice and assist in providing the best service suitable for every situation.

Operations and Maintenance training

For any business investing in training is vital to stay ahead of the curve and the construction industry is no different. What is different however, is offering clients training on their new development or adaptation. For a homeowner, tenant or facilities manager, learning the ins and outs of the property and how to use its various components means that they can have almost complete autonomy when living in or using it.

We provide operations and maintenance training to end users, so they can get the best out of the building and systems installed. Our friendly and personal staff will conduct training on the best methods of maintaining their facilities. The aim of the training is to give clients a better understanding of the construction of their property and assess work needed to maintain a healthy environment.

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Whether the work is planned or reactive, our Small Works and Maintenance teams provide a prompt and professional service to satisfy and exceed our customer expectations. If you would like to discuss further work on your existing Bryburn development or adaptation or would like to make use of our Small Works and Maintenance teams, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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